App #10 of “10 Apps to Countdown Season”

App #10: Partner a beautiful image that you’ve drawn or photographed with interactivity and you’ve got Thinglink. These rich interactives provide another way to curate and organize information. I’ve written about this before using the SAMR Model as an example (developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, Ph.D) and also here where I was participating in CLMOOC.

Thinglink offers interaction tools that tag photos or images with a a whole group of content, adding a layering effect. The system is built on the use of tags to add more information like audio, other images, web links, video, text information and anything else you might think you wish. Images can be from multiple sources and even a collage of images built through a program like Picmonkey (see App #8) or Pic Collage (app on ipad).  That leads me to think, why not use this as an infographic to visually showcase statistics. Swap PowerPoint with Thinglink and see where it takes you. Use Thinglink to connect all your flipped videos on your blog.  Or have students explain their science experience  or self assessment through sequenced captions. Teacher-Librarians – have you considered this as a tool to teach research skills or how to vet the mountains of information found? 

Simple tips: Sign up for a teacher account. Search inside the site and you’ll find other interactives giving you more ideas. thinglink_xmas

Click on the image to see a message for the holiday season.


Apps Big and Small

It’s nearing the end of the year and looking forward to a little warm weather and a slower pace.  Over the next couple of months, there’s a bit of time to do a little play and see what’s just around the corner.  In that vein, here’s a little bit for you to discover.

Interactivity – Here We Come 

For those of you who have access to Smartboards, you may be interested in this Smart Express tool.  This free web application allows you to use, interact, edit, and create any Smart Notebook templates/lessons. You simply launch and you and your class have access to the many online templates or other digital content on the Smart Community.  Read more about it here.

   Publish that written epic tale on your blog or website by using FlipSnack.  This web tool takes your pdf documents (stories/newspapers…) and creates flash pages that you can turn.  It places the finished product in a widget that you can use to upload and share online.

  Youblisher is an online publishing site.  Using the “elementary school newspaper” template  in Google Docs, create a class newspaper on any topic.   Integrate the writing process and performance standards.   Convert the product to pdf and use Youblisher to publish a web version of flippable pages. You can either host on the site or embed the newspaper on your own blog or website. It’s almost like holding your very own newspaper.

First Snowfall

Well our first snowfall hit and it was everything that the weather folks said it was.  As I was trying to capture some photos with my trusty camera, I was reminded of the number of hours we spend finding images on the web to use for a variety of projects, like movies, presentations, even printed newsletters. Copyright becomes an issue as sometimes we’re not aware of when we cross that line. For example, taking pictures of building structures (sculptures) and art work is an infringement when we post as our own.  Asking students to take images off the web requires a conversation about copyright.

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