Google Apps for Ed

googledriveIt’s now called Google Drive and includes everything you had in Google Docs.  A powerful online suite of program tools that include Documents (writing), Spreadsheet, Forms for surveys, Drawing, and Presentation (like powerpoint).  Any file can be uploaded to Drive and shared online.

Teamwork is organized through a file sharing system, either by individual file or through the use of folders.  You never need to know what version you are working – every edit is in real time. And no more “losing homework”.


  • writing process (everything from brainstorm, drafting, revision, edit, commenting, publishing)
  • notetaking
  • research
  • collaborative teamwork
  • math problem solving and graphing (Forms)
  • surveys and questionnaires (Forms)
  • presentations (Presentation)
  • drawing, sketching ideas (Drawing)


We’ve recently piloted Writing Workshop with Google Apps for Education.  Advantage? With this we can set up your class IDs so you no longer have to worry about email accounts and validation.  Please contact me and we would be happy to walk you through the process.  [Be aware that these accounts will have student gmail accounts disabled.] For more information on our series, check out the Contents – Writing as Communication.

For instructions on getting started, click here.


Want to know how to create a survey, spreadsheet in Google Forms?  Click here.