Digital Storytelling

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Everyone has a story to tell.  Some traditions place oral storytelling as the vehicle to pass history and culture to the next generation. Others use storytelling to teach life’s lessons. Some use it as a diary of thoughts emanating from events and some view it as an opportunity to share their wisdom. Regardless of the reason, the process of storytelling is a powerful literacy tool in reading and writing.

Learning Sequence of Digital Storytelling

1.  GOAL: Set a goal/message for your project. What do you wish to communicate?

2.  CREATE/EDIT STORYBOARDS (backbone of your process/product):

3.  CREATE DIGITAL STORY/MOVIE: (learn Movie Maker2 or Vancouver Olympics at our doorstep...PhotoStory3)

  • What multi-literacies will you include?  (eg. images, audio, voice, music, colour)

4.  ASSESSMENT: (What are your indicators of success? (eg. see rubrics))


  • Set up a celebratory showcase to share your learning.

What Tools Might I Use?