Bookmarking as Curation

Bookmarking is probably the one of the most useful methods for gathering and curating a huge range of information.  The key is the ease of retrieving that content when needed.  Rather than have students generally searching the web, your bookmarks can provide the starting point for discovery, research and initiating deep questions.

Symbaloo – Education sits on a visual platform. All of your weblinks are launched through  a grid of tiles.  It supports RSS feeds (including class blogs – taking the tool into a whole new realm).  Organization is through colour coded widget tiles, as well as using physical location on the board.  Each ‘webmix’ theme is further grouped by tabs (like tabs that separate subjects in a binder).  Webmixes can be shared online or email and made public/private.  This video gives you a walkthrough of the platform.

Click here for instructions on how to develop your own visual bookmarks using Symbaloo-Ed. Or email me and we can learn together.