iDevices and Apps

Thousands of apps come and go in the iTunes Store.  Without concerted strategic effort, it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even when it is deemed “educational”, what does that mean?  On closer inspection, many of these are nothing more than repetitive practice at ‘knowledge’ level (Blooms).

adapted via Tony Vincent; Kathy Schrock

What makes a great app worthy of students’ time?  Consider this approach to evaluate apps:

  • the value an app can bring to a learner (and being able to articulate the value)
  • the connection from the app to curricular content (and being able to demonstrate the depth of that connection)
  • the possibilities the app can bring in order to amplify the learning (go deeper)
Using a rubric that includes topics like Relevance, Thinking Skills, Sharing and Usability provide a roadmap for choices.    Click here for rubric to help in your decision making.

 Apps, Apps, Apps

You will find a number of reviews on apps that have risen to the top of the “wow” list.  These posts can be found on this site grouped under Contents > iLearning & Apps.  You will find posts offering an explanation of the app. More importantly, we provide some examples of how they can be used.  We invite you to add to our district’s collective knowledge by adding your comments to the posts.