Dabbling in the New Curriculum

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to completely flip every curriculum on its head. This is exactly the place we find ourselves with our new BC curriculum (every content area of K-12 including assessment). Our schools have this year to dabble and unpack the K-9 content with the 10-12 coming the following year.  There are many questions and unknowns. The one thing we do know for sure as collaborative communities, we support each other, we grow together and we learn together. And we’re not afraid to ask questions, really big questions. ships_500

Feel free to join along as we deconstruct, reconstruct our thinking, our processes, and our practices. As always we’ll be documenting this with all of our project teams. What better way to tell our stories than here? You’ll find them under LEARNING HUB > New Curriculum.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Story is important. It allows us time to reflect and our journey to move forward.

We invite you to ask questions, share your ideas and connections. We’d love to add to our overall collective wisdom.


Reflections – An EduStory

It was a month of celebrations, of learning journeys that finished but really only just begun. Our ImagineerTech, pilot ePortfolio and Partners in Inquiry groups gathered for celebrations of caring and sharing. There were shared “aha moments” in implementing an inquiry process and watching it unfold with students. But it was the reflective process that connected all the pieces of the puzzle into a living story. Sometimes I think this process is like a conductor that listens intently to all the nuances of the orchestra and draws or softens all the parts so they coordinate both as a whole and as individuals. Assessment in this arena is not “wait until the end applause” but a constant negotiation of the movements of the present. The one thing that one can rely upon is that constant adjustment is a given.

These are their comments captured via “low tech” and gifted to you.