Intro to #clmooc 2016

click map

Living where ocean and mountains meet. A temperate rainforest with many stories to unfold. Constantly dabbling in paint and colour. Click reading and thinking about... My dad had an old Brownie that now sits on my brother’s mantle. If you stare at it long enough… Currently love this video – Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg

I wanted to see if I could do something different with “image mapping”. Here is what I used for my introductions to #CLMOOC 2016. The base collage was made with picmonkey. Button images were layered on top to hover over or click.


4 thoughts on “Intro to #clmooc 2016

    1. HI Jennifer.
      Picmonkey was used to collage the images. Decided to accent the base with button-type images, which serves to trigger something. I used to get the tack images and edited them with (a simpler version than photoshop). Alternatively I could have just left blocks alone. Its the x/y coordinates of an image area that sets location with a hyperlink. A fast way to do this is using an online site like Then some tweaking needs to be done to the backend code (html).

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I’m guessing that you tried with a mobile or touch screen? I haven’t figured out how to get the map to resize itself. If you open it on computer it should work?

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