Outside the Box

Sometimes in our wish to try something new we forget that purpose and pedagogy need to ultimately drive the journey. But dabbling with new technologies and software also has purpose – play. It is through play that we explore what might be possible through new lens. In my last post I shared “change the lens, change the story..”. This is especially true in innovative teaching and learning using technologies. Looking at something with new eyes allows for the possibility of recombinant options.

It began with a casual conversation, one that would lead eventually to risk in a big way. A principal asked, what would happen if a school growth plan was not a paper document (as its always been) but a living, breathing, changing over time conversation document? Can our ePortfolio-esk environment (based on making learning visible) be used as a way to invite and extend the conversation at multiple levels? In a heartbeat, YES! Thus began the journey of Rosser principal Debra Gojevic and school team. Along the way, questions had to be addressed:

  • What story do you want to tell?
  • How do images tell a story? What types of images are better than others?
  • What is the interplay between images and text?
  • If video, what finite clips show the thinking, not just the act? (enhance? detract?)
  • How do you lift voices that need to be heard?

Their journey is now public and linked to their school site with a side button. Or click here for the direct link. It is not finished; their conversation has just started.

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