Curiosity and What If…

speaking_meerkatsDo you ever get into a place where everything that pops into your head is a question? I wonder if students ever feel that way. Sometimes I find it easier to figure out if I scribble it down, so here goes.

  • What if… we made a commitment to share our class or school story beyond the walls of school? What could happen?
  • What if… we actively brought flexibility and choice into our classrooms? What would they look like?
  • What if… we spoke less from the front of the classroom and gave more time to students to speak? What changes would we see?
  • What if… we stepped into personal risk-taking in the same way that we expect our students to do? How would that change our experiences?
  • What if… we created a real equal partnership with students and parents? What results might happen?
  • What if… we took a leap of faith and shared our learning publicly? What would it spark?
  • What if… we connected what already exists and changed it in profoundly creative ways?
  • What if…

What’s your “what if?”


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