Photo Inspired Thoughts – Or Poems in the Making

I’ve been dabbling with a few ideas that have taken off with a life of its own. It started with an online challenge via Twitter to take images or photos of places we love – a living montage of sorts. No maybe it started with a desire to take advantage of downtime summer moments, words swirling in mid air and connect them in ways that made sense. Or perhaps it leapt off snippets of conversations with friends or a side journey in the maker movement.  Either way, the results are interesting. I posted them on Twitter and my Pinterest page (Quotes) as places to share and to refer.  Here are a few.


There’s something quite magical about sunrises. Full of hope, it’s a day that starts new adventures waiting to be discovered.

myquote_storymattersWe are creatures of connections (both face-to-face and online). It is through our life stories that we find our connectedness and relationships. Sharing is a human thing to do.


Have you really looked at the horizon for longer than a minute?  I don’t know if it’s trying to contemplate the vastness or just drinking in all that nature has to offer. Time stands still and everything (big and small) just seems possible. There’s something connected about the experience that’s larger than any of us.

I’m very fortunate to live by both ocean and forest – a perfect place to connect, to rejuvenate and to share.


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