In-Between the Cracks – Questions Spark Genius

dandelion  Have you ever looked at a dandelion? I mean really looked at it from all facets? OK so you have to crouch down, let your imagination flow, and ignore the stares that will obviously come.  In a little while, you’ll get a stream of questions from a group peering over you, “What are ya lookin’ at? Did you lose something? What’s going on?”  This is what happens when you wander the playground during recess or lunch at a school. Sooner or later you’ll get a crowd and then the questions start slowly at first, then a cavalcade erupts as curiosity builds. Admittedly some questions are quite impossible to answer in this lifetime.

I started this partly as an experiment, partly as a idea to find and explain the meaning of beauty and partly to get some fresh air. In all ‘worlds-logical’ a dandelion is a weed and one that takes genius power to eradicate. Yet here it is growing in spite of the odds, in-between the cracks, almost daring you to stop in your tracks. Sometimes I wonder if some of our students are like this, growing in spite of the odds against them. Or perhaps existing until someone takes notice and allow their genius or spark to flourish.  I wonder what would happen if we connected to that little spark – would the outcome change? I wonder what would happen if we took the questions so authentically offered and placed them inside our school walls, allowing them to fill the rafters. Then cradle them gently and give them voice and choice to find their own answers. Then what would happen… I’m feeling that a “learning walk” might be in order.

What do you think will happen?


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