Spaces We Inhabit

Interesting thing about our journey through life – we choose to inhabit the spaces that are important to us.  A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Bev Ogilvie had a bk_connectzoneorgcelebration for the launch of her new book, – Building Connectedness in Schools. Packed with stories of real people with real experiences, the book offers both examples and a calling for people to actively create the spaces that  change lives.

Our world has changed dramatically in a very short time. So many decisions, interactions and activities cross our paths during a day that sometimes we feel like we’re on a constant treadmill. Without knowing it, we get caught in the minutia of the moment.  In this environment, it is easy to forget what is important.   Connection and connectedness is the glue that holds the very fabric of family or relationships together. It is in these moments that we rediscover what gives meaning to life.

A description of the research around connectedness is shared as:

  • human beings need warm human connections to develop
  • positive outcomes to school connectedness are students know that adults and peers care about them as individuals, higher academic motivation
  • human connections grow and shape the developing brain, impacting self-regulation
  • resilience through secure attachments

Part inspirational and part documented process, the book leads to action. The question is – What spaces do you wish to create and inhabit?


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