10 Apps to Countdown the Season


In keeping with the season and heading towards the winter holiday break, I’m doing a countdown of 10 apps that add spice to your toolkit. Regardless of the application or tool you choose to use, it always comes back to purpose.


APP #1:  Picslice  is an online application (no downloading) that will take almost any image and slice into parts, crop and resize. The finished product can be used for many projects such as comics or a storytelling process.  Using this image, imagine what the other parts of the full story might include. What would be the storyline if you had this as a starting point?  Would it look like this? picslice_tardis

Perhaps you use Edu.Symbaloo (click here for post) as a visual bookmark curation tool? While the tiles can be great, sometimes the coordination of them can be challenging for students to find what they need. How about grouping sets of bookmark tiles using Picslice? Each slice of the image (eg. reading) goes out to a favourite reading site. Or group all those math sites and offer them under one math image.  The possibilities are endless.


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