A New Year – Lean into Possible Futures

summer beachTeaching is an awesome profession. Where else can you [every year or even every day for that matter] have “start overs” and be inspired by “creative ….   and engage in “possible futures”.  A new year to uncover new ideas and explore more deeply the rich ecologies we create.  And to grow into them – the journey is the most exciting.

Over the summer, I was able to engage in quite a few things to rejuvenate my soul [sleep, relaxation, the spa, visiting family and friends, reading a ton of books, rebuilding my running routine].  And I lucked out in participating in my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course); this one #clmooc [Making Learning Connected MOOC] was pretty casual, something that my summer brain could handle.  People offered their renditions of “makes” and “remixes” [handy terms for creative play and crafting] so I was able to see lots of examples [something I needed].  I explored a few tools and platforms and wondered how to bring them purposefully into our educational ecology – still mulling.  More importantly I experienced a community of supportive people who provided encouraging and thoughtful feedback.  What a feeling – it made me want to try more.  And even my failures were short-lived. I kept trying simply because I received responses from others. This got me thinking about how we engage with our students and teachers. I wonder when offering new experiences to teachers in PD or students how much time we spend on creating environments or ecologies that truly allow for everyone to experience and grow into the possible. What would these ecologies look like?  And how would these environments capture learning to reflect, extend, or include?

For those of you in our district, consider dropping into our online district Staff Development Calendar [frequently] and join a community to learn and grow with each other.  There are many opportunities.  Or perhaps create a community for others to join you.  Would love to hear how you’re creating ecologies and leaning into emerging possibilites.


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