Be Explorers of Awe

I’m in awe of what’s been happening in the MOOC [Making Learning Connected #clmooc]. Such ideas and remixes to entices the senses – everything from coding to images, to poetry, music and audio. And new tools like Popcorn Maker, Thimble, collaborative hangouts…  Then I saw a postcard, like the one you would send home from camp.   Simple enough that any class from primary upwards can do.  On the ipad, I could have used LifeCards or Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard. But not all our schools have access. I chose to use PicMonkey [online image editor] as the site just added a collage component.  A layout was selected by deleting some boxes to reflect a postcard look. Once the images were inserted, the editor was used to insert the final objects and most importantly the text. The final product in this round is saved as an image.


What I noticed of this process was twofold:  a returning to purpose and intention when it came to selecting a resource tool or platform. I wanted it to be simple, flexible, and provide multiple entry points.  Then I wondered if this could be remixed and sure enough, it could be picked up by another and repurposed or extended. This can happen by using the same resource (PicMonkey) or another. Maybe a movie or a thread in Voice Thread so that conversation can connect to other ideas. Or maybe taking the text and exploding them to reflect a whole different path…   It seems endless.

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