In My Backyard #clmooc

I was working on a mapping scheme for  Making Learning Connected MOOC and it took me forever. Perhaps it was the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy when I saw what everyone else was doing or maybe having just finished off a challenging year, my brain couldn’t concentrate on one more thing.  In any event, I finally took ideas from the many projects and decided to be a visitor in my own backyard to showcase my story (which has no beginning, middle or end).  I used ComicLife to template some images I had; uploaded the final jpg to Thinglink and added bits of information.  The audio was recorded using  Voice Record Pro app on an ipod/touch.  Unfortunately the animation doesn’t work on this blog so this is the link:

I’m struck by how using a particular tool enhances or restricts how we share our story. The template format here could have a regular read left to right – top to bottom (like a comic book). Since the story is chosen as snapshots, the story can be read in any order without losing its thread.  Regarding sound files, I didn’t want to use the options offered by Thinglink so I found that I could upload the mp3 to box and it could be shared without a login account [good thing to remember for next school year].


2 thoughts on “In My Backyard #clmooc

  1. I like how you are assessing for the values we have as connected learners–how the tools help and hinder connection, showing how we might participate fully with the tools, pointing out what will and won’t work in school with different kinds of accessibility. I look forward to your credo next week on the CLMOOC.

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