Interactive Images – Use Thinglink for Another Layer to Learning

There are moments when an image tells a better story than having a bunch of words on a page (actually that’s most of the time).  However when that image has a level of interactivity such that it delivers even more information, then you have a perfect marriage of visual and linguistic.

On any given year, we have many projects and Learning Series on the go.  Our blog houses ongoing information with specific instructions, workflows and lesson plan ideas.  They are meant as guides to facilitate the journey of integrating technologies in the learning environment.  I’ve used a tool called Thinglink  to capture  some of these project details.  Hover over the various buttons on the image and you will find popups with weblinks or additional pieces of information.

How would I use this?

Thinglink comes as a website and as an ipad app, giving you great flexibility cross-platform. Consider having students use this much like Glogster to share their knowledge of a unit of study. Each button connects to layered information. How about a class newsletter using captured images of student work?  Or as a sharing piece to parents.  There are so many possibilities to bring dynamic learning to your audience.


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