Communicating – the Art of Presentation

Consider the many times you present an idea, or tell a story.


Haiku Deck on the iPad, takes the art of presenting to a whole new level.  Take an idea, type in a few words that represent the deep feeling, or understandings of your presentation.   Haiku Deck will locate images from Creative Commons that match the concept you are trying to say.  Or you can choose to insert your own pictures, photos, and charts.  Sharing the result can be via a projector or capture the image and send it somewhere (camera roll, email…)

How would I use this? 

Make your presentations or messages stand out – consider using it to engage in Literature Circle response, poetry, writing workshop,  social studies segment, news promotion or poster creations.  Provide time for students to grapple with their ideas. Discussion will result in deeper themes and word phrases. I made this one – where do you imagine the conversation will lead?


How would you use Haiku Deck? Please consider sharing your ideas.


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