Find Your New Year Star

star_focus Have you ever wondered how big the night sky is? Or how many stars you can count? Over the holidays, we’ve had a couple nights where the night was clear enough to see the stars and of course that got me thinking about the enormity of our world and how exciting that there are new  possibilities to explore.  Perhaps it’s the holidays that allows our minds more time and flexibility to entertain a zillion ideas or that Chris Hadfield is floating up in the International Space Station tweeting (@Cmdr_Hadfield) his new year’s message.

The new year brings a fresh start  to sift through the stars, to set new intentions, and to take risks in purposeful learning. Sometimes the act of choosing can be daunting as we live in a time of mass change.  What may help are these questions: What is your passion? What’s important enough to expend your energy? What do you wonder about? 
These may lead you to finding a star that shines brighter than the others. Tell people about your star. You’d be amazed at how many will offer support in different ways.  I can’t imagine a more exciting and hopeful journey for each of us and our students. 


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