Apps, Apps, Apps…

Apps come and apps go.  All of them serve a purpose.  It is the teacher who makes “magic” happen through the lesson experiences.  Our iDevices Blog is where you will see an ongoing vetted list of apps. (Click  Apps Collection list)  Please add to the list if you run across an app that you love.

Here are a couple you may find useful:

 Reading text online is just as challenging as reading a book if your students struggle with reading.  Try Voice Dream Reader Lite.  This handy app reads online webpages, documents, pdf, text, powerpoint, ebooks, Pocket, using text-t0-speech technology.  Words are highlighted as they are spoken making this a great app for your readers who have difficulties.  Articles identified are stored locally so you can read them anytime, making this very useful when you are offline.   [Adding more voices are part of the paid app.] is a free screen sharing meeting site that is simple to facilitate.  This can be used to enhance a lesson by sharing the teacher’s computer screen with student ipads [imagine the possibility of a student with visual challenges being able to participate fully in the lesson].   When the teacher wishes to share the screen, they go online to and downloads a tiny exe – file to launch a session.  A number is generated  to be shared with the students to create the connection.  The student ipads must have the app already installed.    [Thanks to Debbie Sitar for suggesting this!]


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