Creating Your Story

Creating your story takes on many layers.  Our lives rarely unfold in linear fashion. There are twists and turns that make the journey interesting.  Over the years, story has become more and more important to me and finding ways to capture them in their vibrancy is a never ending challenge.

I came across a tool that perhaps may be the beginning of something wonderful…  It is called Projeqt – Dynamic presentations.  In keeping with Remembrance Day, here’s my first presentation using this media.  

You can insert images, pdf documents, text, video, live feeds, maps…  Details can be added to each as an individual stack, thus extending the information.  A simple theme editor offers different ways to view your project.  I’ve kept to a standard horizontal scroll.
Imagine the possibilities.  Consider research skills in a dynamic way, storytelling that includes integration of maps, historic content, voice/music recording or video.  How about using it as launch points for inviting deeper investigations and sharing at your “Genius Hour” (a twist on the google 80/20 concept).   If you have one of our sd41 blogs, you can add it as a live embed by using the Text Widget.


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