Power of the Many – Writers Writing

Thinking extends to greater possibilities when we’re together supporting and learning from each other.  Our second session of dynamic writers took us through a series of activities to explore ideas of “writing,  what it means to write in the digital age, identified the principles of writing workshop, …  We had a bit of time to read and reflect on the writing process and recorded our brainstorms on an online board called Wallwisher as well as write on individual Google Docs.

A Strategy:  4 images were shown where we imagined what was happening; a walk around  allowed for ideas to gel as we were charged with writing the first paragraph (for the first image); a few minutes to write in our Google Docs; facilitator notes powerful ideas as they are generated on the docs; a bit of a share.

We rounded our morning with time to plan/chat through “howtos” and record a commitment to action before meeting again in a couple of weeks.  [Our ongoing journey is posted under Learning Series -Writing Workshop Learning. ]

Nothing of any worth happens without risk and a desire to learn more.  What we experienced was energizing – imagine being with a group of teachers who willingly dive into exploring the writing process, asking hard questions as well as marry that with new environments (eg. Google Docs, Wallwisher)

Please consider following along with us as we explore this territory and connect with each other and our students’ learning. You will find an ongoing history of posts (categorized under Writing Workshop) and pages as we work through the year.


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