Writers Workshop – Extending to Digital World

Here we go –  another exciting ride through the intricacies of Writers Workshop.  And you knew this was coming – with a twist. As we navigate the environment of web2, we come to understand just how complex the writing process has become.  I like to think of this as opportunities to offer more “choice and voice” to our students (eg. personalized, dynamic and supportive).

Consider questions like:

  • Is writing different now that it involves the ability to include images, hyperlinks, audio, and video?
  • What is our definition of what constitutes as writing using web tools? Has it changed over time?

Our initial comments were added to a bulletin board using Wallwisher, where we have the ability to brainstorm (in multiple modes) and freely group ideas.  

The tool we’re using to invite our students to the writing environment?  Google Docs allow us a venue to  explore and frame our thinking about the writing journey and how our students engage in the process.  [Google Docs, part of our Google Apps for Education platform provides an environment much like MSWord.]  Collaborative in nature and open to real time commenting suggest that this will help our writers strengthen their skills over time.

We’ll be writing more in the coming weeks. I’d be very interested in any thoughts or experiences you have with using Google Docs in school.


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