Launch pad for invention…

We have great power – we truly do!  I was reading Project PLN, where they invite educators to share their ideas, their experiences and through this everyone learns.   One project was to “design your dream school”.  While this isn’t a new idea, I was taken by the learning that came out and in ways that allowed for inclusion, creativity and innovation.

When we create the conditions for invention in our classrooms, we invite creativity and possibility.  We give voice to our students’ ideas as important.  We are intentional about creating a culture where learners practice, evaluate, and recreate.  And when I say learners I include teachers in the learning process.  Learning to let go of that one single answer as the solution (unless it’s 3 x5), learning to adjust schedules when collaborative conversations invite genius thinking, learning to live through actively engaging in multiple ways of knowing. When this forum includes an environment beyond the classroom, we definitely and boldly state that “what they say and think matters”. This is one reason why I think having a web presence through a blog or wiki or … is important. It’s a place for students to work through their ideas and gain feedback from a wider audience.  And not just as a summative activity but as a collaborative process that makes a difference in learning. 

Many of you are doing all sorts of things in your classes that push the envelop of creativity. This is the fun part of my job – getting a chance to visit lots of classrooms and being a part of the energy of learning.  Throughout this year, I’m hoping to capture and share your stories.  If you would like to have your students “design their dream school“, please let me know so we can all add to our collective learning.  Another way to ‘celebrate’ (my ‘one little word’).


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