One Little Word 2012

We say goodbye to 2011 – a year of incredible learning.  And we welcome in 2012 with great anticipation.

I was reading a post from one of my favourite sites – Two Writing Teachers  who wrote about using “one little word” to describe and focus their next year’s journey.  The idea was gleaned from Ali Edwards and if you go to her site, you’ll see how she uses her words in artistic ways.  And this just resonates with me as another way to make words come alive.  Many words come to mind like inspire, create, notice, play, zen, hope, transformation and sifting through them all has become quite challenging.  So rather than get overly excited (I am on holidays…) I decided to wait and have it find me.

Since this word has come up in several places that I’ve been walking, my one little word will be “celebrate“.  Not confined to parties though that would be fun too, but look for moments of success (big and small) and celebrate them. Celebrate success with students and teachers as they grapple with risk.  And even celebrate the failures as a risk-taking adventure. And celebrate each day as a new day of possibilities.

I’m encouraging all of you to join me, whether it is a ‘one little word’ or a resolution.  Blog about it, talk about it, capture it in some way that works for you.  I’d be very interested in any comments about this.


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