Blogging Tips – Designed to Communicate, Organize…

Sometimes a bit of practical tips are helpful to add to your toolbox of blogging ‘know-how’.  So here we are…

Custom Menus:

Using custom menus provides another layer of organization not found in ‘categories’.  For example, if you wish to have a list of your students located in a specific category, you can use the Custom Menu option to define another grouping.  This works well for projects like literature circles, student writing or collaborative group problem solving. These groupings can be kept outside of the list of other grouping like news, or homework.

New Plugin – “Hide Post”: 

You may have noticed a new little box in your dashboard-Post.  This is the “Hide Post” plugin.  You now have the ability to select where your posts will show up (eg. on the front homepage blogroll, on a specific page or category grouping).  This is especially for those of you who asked “how can I have certain posts NOT show up on my homepage area”.

Adding Calendars: 

This really depends on your intended use.  The simple calendar widget found inside of wordpress is very simple – highlighting the posts that are published.  Another option is Google calendar can be embedded on the navigation bar – you will need to adjust the code to fit the size.  Or for a full view, you can embed the code in the footer navigation bar, which will expand to the width of the website.
For those of you wishing a paper-type calendar, consider using the templates found in MS Word.  Click here for instructions.


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