What’s On Your Wall?

The wheels in my head started turning again after reading a post – Building a ‘Can Do’ Wall at Philly Teacher.  What we choose to place on our walls reveal to the world what is important to us.  I look at the walls in my home and I notice all sorts of family photos and paintings of things that are truly meaningful and inspiring to me.

At our school sites many things are important to share, such as our daily learning journey or discoveries that engage us to a greater action (both in class and in the wider school community).  In the past, I’ve even been known to post my learning criteria alongside student projects (whether they are on bulletin board walls or out in cyber-world).   I came across this poster, which reflects what I’d love my classes to be: http://www.flickr.com/photos/venosdale/6036615689/

If I placed this poster in the middle of a bulletin board and invited students to show examples from their perspective of the day – I wonder what they would come up with?  What a great environment to engage our learners (both students and teachers).  As we move through October and onwards, my challenge to you is… “What’s on your wall?”    I would love to hear your thoughts.


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