Flexible Desktop At Your Fingertips – Netvibes

I am thrilled beyond measure with Netvibes.  This handy tool gives you a “go anywhere desktop”.  Just imagine having access to your websites, bookmarks, images and video links all in one area.  Add your RSS feeds for blogs/wikis or other social media and they get delivered automatically to your desktop. Here’s what one of my pages looks like – I’m loving canals right now.

The overall organization is through tabs (each tab page can house a collection of widgets).  For example, on my Network tab page,  I’ve set up links to RSS feeds of blogs that I follow (which is automatically updated). I can even insert my favourite photos.  My Tools/Productivity tab page holds links to my email accounts, google docs, and other tools like calendar,  calculator and evernotes.

How would I use this in the classroom?  If I had student classroom blogs, I would create a tab page and house each blog feed.  I can see at a glance who and and what is posted, as well as make comments.  The free version allows one public tab page so I can share website links (especially useful when working on research).  I link the page to my blog and students have ready access to everything on that page. Now you’ve truly have a ‘one stop shop’ that is personalized for you.  (And YES, there’s an app for ipad users.)

I’d be interested in any comments/questions on the use of Netvibes for yourself or in classrooms.  What do you think? How do you see it best working?  Any other options that you’ve found to be really helpful?


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