Gathering Ideas

Sometimes a new tool can just be for you and that’s ok. My latest new gadget happens to be Pinterest (thanks to Kelly Tenkely at iLearnTechnology). This online tool is a handy way to collect things that you love or need to collect.  I’m passionate about so many things that at times it’s difficult to keep all those things in my head. 
Pinterest is a pinup board where you can collate images, sites,  or videos  and categorize them. Great organization for those DIY projects (crafty things, paint chip colours or decorating ideas for homes, gifts to make) or creative jaunts or adding to your bucket list.  What sold me was the ability to add a comment on the pin to remind me why I chose it or how I might use it.  I can even scan other people’s boards and repin them to mine. Here’s one of mine on ideas for classroom.

Here’s how: When you find an image on the web, just save it to your pinterest boards (or use the handy Pin It tool).  Add a comment to aid your memory and voila you’re done. Pinterest automatically links the image back to the original site. You can connect your board’s link to your website so that it can be shared.

How would you use Pinterest?


2 thoughts on “Gathering Ideas

    1. Oops. will fix that. Just go to and see the public area – its a visual view. I use diigo as a bookmarking tool to organize via subject-based content – helpful as I support a K-12+ school district.

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