New Things I’m Learning

Summer is a great time to be wading through sandy beaches, fun and no alarm clock.  It’s also a time to pick up those connections that you missed over the year.

A synthesis of things I’ve learned at the Building Learning Communities conference (Boston) and Reform Symposium (this one still going on):

  • confirmation that its not the tool but about the purpose: technology is at the service of pedagogy (Eric Mazur). What are the enduring understandings you want to explore? What tools will help you get there? What journey will you take?  Problem finders who pose epic questions not pseudo questions (Ewan MacIntosh).
  • connections is everything!:  you knew that social relationships is where its at. Who, where, how are you building those communities?
    • “The magic of twitter is the hashtag”. Social media is part of our lives – Social media revolution 2 video
    • powerful things happen when you share the stories of the community – empathy, take action.   Have a ‘no office day’ – spend time out in classrooms and share in realtime what’s going on.  
  • flipped classroom or “peer instruction-E Mazur” – open the content or create video of lecture information prior to class and use class time to deepen learning/connect content to context (dialogue, critique, convince, question)
  • information sifting: with so much out there, sifting, sorting, synthesizing.
  • Passions are not topics- they relate to what we want to commit to.    “Engagement can produce mastery.”-Daniel Pink. Engage in that which can change the world. Design for change.

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