A Peek at February’s Learning Calendar

Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming just around the corner.   You will find all details and registration on the Staff Development Calendar. Don’t forget that our district pro-d day is February 25th. *Please note that these are ‘learning series’ and attendance is necessary at all sessions.

Reading/Writing with Kurzweil 3000 (Alternate Ed Group):  Feb 2, 9, 23

Stop Motion Animation (Integrate a multimodal approach to engage EVERY student. Tell a story, a PSA, a commercial. Packed with movement, storyboarding, planning, talking and sharing.):  Feb 7, 15, 22

Digital Writing/Digital Teaching (Explore writing skills through a collaborative process using wikis and a variety of online tools.  Harness the multi-modal nature of the web world.): Feb 9, Feb 24, Mar 10, Apr 14.

District Day – February 25
(a small sampling – more information coming to your schools):

  • 5 Rs to using Blogs for Primary
  • Explore Writing Options with Google Docs

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