Social Bookmarks Dilemma

Many of you have heard the recent flood of comments over the e-waves about and its demise.  While the company isn’t exactly saying what’s happening to this tool, I can just imagine how people are feeling about the news.  I use it myself to organize my bookmarks to share with you. But knowing that we’re using a free service I always have a backup plan.  In the past, I used diigo for collaborative note-taking with classes.  Now I’ve imported all bookmarks from delicious to diigo and a link can be found on the sidebar.  There are other alternatives that you may be interested in exploring:

Why use social bookmarking sites?

  • access to your bookmarks, no  matter what computer you happen to be using
  • organize and deliver your websites for class research projects
  • know that you have a vetted list of great sites
  • share content lists with colleagues (open or small groups)
  • gain access to bookmarks by other educators (in the public area)

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