Just Around the Corner…

Our next round of Learning Sessions/Series is available.  All registration is through Staff Development Calendar.  Most sessions are 3:30-5:00 unless specified.

  • Blogs – Connecting… (last sessions Tues and Thurs 4th this week)
  • Destination Success – Wed Nov 3
  • Good News on ARC-BC – you can now get your training online at any time. Click here.
  • Kurzweil – Beginners Series (Tues Nov 9th,  Part 2 – Mon Nov 29th;  Part 3 – Thurs. Jan. 20)
  • Writers Workshop 4-Part Series (Nov 16; Mon. Nov 29; )

** New Series on Blogs will launch (3 Sessions): Wed Dec 8th.

** Engaging Hearts Minds and the Imagination Conference – Monday November 22 at Byrne Creek.  (08:30-12:30)


2 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner…

  1. Thank you for this workshop. I will definitely use Comic Life in the Evolution Unit and plan to invite you to introduce the program to the students. Thanks again.

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