Teach-Nology Camp – A Great Time!

On Friday October 22, we invited teachers to Teach-Nology Camp.  Reminiscing on those years past where camp was a time of coming together for building community, fun, learning AND of course good food we set out to provide just that!  While we couldn’t really create a warm cozy fire inside the Schou walls, we did have all the other things that make camp memorable – great people, great food, great learning and lots of great laughter. 

Twenty-four people (elementary and secondary) gathered to learn and play with stop motion animation.  Imagination and creativity flowed and then overflowed as we laughed through our props, cameras and sound.  We learned how to make inanimate objects come alive, even have personality and tell a PSA story.  Messages that rang loud and clear came from all areas like environmental awareness, recycling, how to’s, creating connected communities, calls to action…  There was no end to the project connections to curricular areas.
At the end of the day, each camper went away successfully completing a detailed project animation movie that reflected personally targeted goals, storyboard, as well as how to plan their next steps in the classroom and a renewed sense of energy and wonder.   Now that’s a Pro-d Day!


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