September – Exciting Things in the Air

Welcome back to another year of exciting things to discover.  While I love the summer as a time for rejuvenation and wanderings of a different pace,  September always brings  a crispness in the air and a sense of quiet anticipation.

We’re launching some things that are a little different this year, which will make life easier (streamlining a process) and let your ‘fingers do the walking’.  We are extremely pleased and head-over-heels excited to show you our new Staff Development Calendar (   for all district registration of workshops,  learning series and events, and anything else that needs registering.  (This site replaces our district’s Professional Development handbook. )

Have you ever forgotten to register for that fabulous workshop and then called only to find it full? Or went through registration  via voice mail or email and hoped you did it all right? Or have you hunted high and low for that elusive handbook that 10 other people wanted too?  Our new online  SD Calendar makes all these frustrating time-wasters a thing of the past! Simply go to the district site, look for the Staff Development icon on the right side and log in using your sd41 groupwise id

** Registration is a breeze as well as flexible – anytime, anywhere you have  internet connection.  Link directly to your session presenters and get detailed information or email them from within the program (you don’t have to open groupwise email)!  Print out your entire bookings.  Get last minute updates immediately – Wow!  And like all blogging platforms, we’ve made it so you can search by categories, tags or dates.  Click here for registration instructions.
The days of waiting for confirmation phone calls are over.  An added bonus in the e-environment – we’ll be  saving quite a few trees.  Stay tuned for more information in September or click the link above and get a head start on your plans.

Digital Writing/Digital Sharing: Over July, I was able to participate in a wiki-camp with people from all over the globe. It was a fabulous experience to be able to learn and share information with teachers, administrators, librarians, and specialists from as far away as New Zealand, Argentina, Estonia and Spain.  Through all the chatting I’ve collected a mountain of ideas that I’m excited about and hoping that some of you will join me in this adventure to offer learning opportunities to students to grow their thinking as well as ours.  One of them is a Digital Writing/Digital Teaching Series Using Wikis (which can include an option for collaborative epals).  This type of platform allows for differentiation and flexibility in how we teach students the art of writing and reading.  As well you’ll learn a bunch of other tools that can be added to enhance any blog or website.  All of this is built along the lines of writing/communicating and inquiry.

Along similar ideas is another series in Digital Writers Workshop using Google Docs (in partnership with Judi in Literacy). And then of course, there is the Wiki Learning Series, integrating all those handy tools in purposeful ways.  You’ll want to know how these applications or tools open doors to connect, communicate and develop thinking in the 21st century.  For more information on these opportunities or the many others, please consider three options:  check this blog often;  register yourself for an RSS feed (see sidebar) and information will be delivered to you through email or a reader of your choice;  go to the staff development calendar.  As well, feel free to email me.


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