Summer Days…

Another year and looking forward to slower days and just time to reflect and have a little fun (with no alarm clock)!  Just to rev myself up and rejuvenate – I’ve joined a wiki camp this month and its been a lot of fun getting to meet and chat with many people around the world.

Here are some things that I’m playing with right now (with a little twist):

  • wiki as a platform for many things (professional development, classroom, languages, K-12 website, literacy area for students to create and work through ideas).
  • Animoto – although I’ve not been a prime supporter of this tool – have to admit it is extremely easy to craft together a flashy animation video.  I still think there are other tools that do a better job of teaching storyboarding, elements of transitions and text communication.
  • Voicethread – a strong contender for alternative inclusive forms of communication opportunities (provides a place for group dialogue around a topic)
  • Word Clouds – of course Wordle is still one of the better ones, but then I’ve been trying out Tagxedo and I like the way they’ve been able to take the next steps of flash animation (words can flip so you can read them) and shapes beyond the cloud.
  • chat using meebo (where your students can chat directly with you and you with the individual).
  • Zoho polls (a quick small poll option to get some idea of what the audience thinks) – great small widget on the side bar.  I still like Google docs in its forms options to create bigger surveys which automatically pop into a spreadsheet.

Anyways the brain is still turning, turning.  Stay tuned for some examples of the above and other little ideas.


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