Add to your Teaching Toolkit!

This Math site (Math Makes Sense 7) came from Lindsay Holliday at Lochdale and she says its interactive component is great for those students who just don’t get it!  The site is from Jim Reed (Alberta) who has a amassed a huge collection of both elementary and secondary math activities.  It’s worth checking out. Please be aware that it uses Flash. 

To add to your professional development, Educational Leadership (the flagship journal of ASCD) has put their archives online.  Now you can download or read all of the old journals; the latest being May 2010 (The Key to Changing the Teaching Profession).

For those of you who have been a part of my classes, you’ll know how much I love anything Rube Goldberg. He sketched machines that made simple tasks like turning on a light switch, into something hugely complicated.  It’s physics and creative genius rolled into fun problem solving with cooperative groups.  PBS has done it again by offering a Goldburger To Go! You design and create machines that do just about anything.  Just the place to get those scientific creative juices going….


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