Kurzweil Journey – Update

Many of you are trying out the many complexities of the program and doing a great job!  Some of you are finding ARC challenging to negotiate – remember that the Main library houses the actual kes files specifically created for you by colleagues across the province.  As well  this area has many other file types (mp3, doc, plain text). The Community section are resources from the general internet archives and houses such collections as Gutenburg Online Library etc.  (*Please note that you must go through training in order to receive access to ARC files.  However, this doesn’t stop you from scanning your documents and texts yourself.)

Kudos to Lochdale for opening up your netbooks for many students to feel comfortable with using Kurzweil (in novels with Battle of the Books, social studies and science).  And Brentwood has just tried it out with their schoolwide reading assessments.  There are other stories out there that just haven’t surfaced so we’re excitedly anticipating other discoveries as they unfold.

What’s most interesting are the stories of the students.  Coupled with completion of Fast ForWord products, students can more effectively engage with the content.  Combining this success with a program like Kurzweil allows greater opportunities for engaging in comprehension and critical thinking.


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