Great Little Apps that Help

Just when I think I’ve collated and published my newsletter, along comes a bunch of little applications that appear to have great promise.  Part of this delay happens when I take the time to test everything and look for how it might work in the classrooms before I post a comment.  So here goes.

Students or others sending you files you can’t open?  If they’re not using Google Docs or you’re not using Google Docs, then you may come across this situation. will take your files (a large number of formats supported including documents, images, archives) and convert them.  You have the choice of just copying the finished product onto your computer or having it sent to you by email.  Either way, the files are not stored long term on their server.

Transferring those big files for others as an email attachment or other avenue can be a challenge. It fills your email box or the ones you’re sending.  You can upload your files (up to 100MB) to and a collaborative space is created where not only can you share the files, but collaborate in real time using the web, email, phone or mobile.

PDFmyURL is a tool that takes a website and creates a pdf image of it for you.  You can download it, annotate the pdf, or use parts of it for your research projects. This can also reduce the accidental printing of whole websites by students.

I know I’ve talked about this  before but I just love Crocodoc and WebNotes for annotation purposes.  Both tools are created by the same group at MIT. Crocodoc takes your pdfs, msword docs, powerpoints or websites and allows you to mark up, highlight, notetake all online.  These docs can be shared with others online and they can also mark up or add notes.  Now that is collaboration on the “cloud”.   The tool is web-based so no installing is necessary, which is why I tend to like Crocodoc better.  However WebNotes (Lite version) also allows you the ability to organize and search for your notes as well share via email, twitter or a permalink. You do have to register.


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