A Tool or Two … Choices, Choices

District Pro-D is on Friday! – great keynote, great workshops, great company!  Make sure you’ve had a chance to browse your Pro-D book of opportunities.  Not everything is at one site.  Our Learning Technologies team will be at Byrne Creek in the A Wing Labs generating a host of possibilities for you to have some hands-on fun and learning. 

And just to offer a bit more for you to play with, here are some little tools or two:

Have you sent your students to do some web research and they’ve amassed a huge amount of sites but gotten confused with all the data?  In class I’ve always given my students packets of post-it notes to record ‘on-the-spot’ notes, which they later use to write their essays or reports.  I do this in Literature Circles as well as in research. This strategy of annotating (recording important phrases, connections or quotes or summaries) can be used on the web too.  Roohithttp://roohit.com/site/home.php ) is a web tool that allows for instant online highlighting.  Just type  http://roohit.com/ before your webpage, press enter and you’re set to highlight away.  Each highlighted area is clipped and saved to a page for retrieval.  And all of the highlights can be collected onto one page for sharing or printing.  You can do your part in saving the planet – you only print what you need.  No registration is required.

I’ve talked about Wordle.net as a tool for creating word clouds from any given text and many of you have done fabulous things with it. Word It Out is another one along the same vein, although I find it does not offer the same flexibility.  The one thing that is different from Wordle, is that it will allow you to edit the vocabulary after the cloud has been created.  Here is an example of a word cloud from a paragraph describing the novel, Schooled by Gordon Korman. 


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