Blog Learning Group – Session 2 – Going deeper

What a great time with great people today!  Thanks for stretching our brains.

We talked about a number of things to expand and push our learning in the blog world.  We shared with each other what we hoped the tool would help us do with our students (the kind of learning it would support). 

We had a peek at the strategy to develop and deepen written responses to literature and saw a pre/post student response when this strategy was used.  I think we can say that it was like “night and day” difference. We also added an example of how an audio can be used. (more to come on this one)

PQC  (make a POINTQUOTE from the text supporting; make a CONNECTION to personal experience, another book, or some other knowledge).  (From Kelly Young, Pebble Creek Labs)

FRAME to support student learning:

What I noticed most about “<exact place/title of text>”    was  <… Add 2-3 sentences describing what stands out for you >.    When you said, “ < Quote from the text. > “   I was thinking  < Report what was going on in your head the first time you read/heard this part. >.     I think this is < ____ (descriptive adjective)>  because   <…Add one or two sentences explaining why you chose this quote. >.

Have a go at it in your classes and let us know how it went.

Sometimes its as simple as asking a couple of questions for students to self-monitor their writing/thinking. Ask students to consider the following:

Did you?

  • add a new idea to the conversation pointing to a new resource or another blogger?
  • add a new question that could further the conversation or thinking in productive ways?

(from Troy HicksDigital Writing Workshop)

Posting videos on your blog: 

There are restrictions for posting mp3 or video directly into WordPress (free) but you can find other sites to host them and then hyperlink to them. is a great site (connected with WordPress) that allows videos to be hosted for educational use.  You don’t have to register but if you do, it is faster to upload as it doesn’t require moderation.
Download Youtube videos (using and upload it to  You can link these to your blog and voila – it will launch.   (*Note: As with all video streaming, the size of the bandwidth may affect your viewing.)

Other things:

  • adding students ids into the blog gave students control over creating their own posts
  • creating categories for each book in a literature circle provides organization for all of the posts in a group
  • creating links to other books and websites
  • Email Mask Generators – protects your email from spam  (Mask Email Image GeneratorEmail Icon Generator)

Stay tuned for more as we build our strategies for reading, responding, writing and thinking.  Please comment on anything you wish to see more or any questions you may have.


2 thoughts on “Blog Learning Group – Session 2 – Going deeper

  1. Hey I really need to check this blog out more often — it is a wealth of information that I can use to help me with my own blog as well as other areas. ; )

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