Vancouver Olympics at our doorstep…

It’s almost here… can you just feel the energy as we get closer and closer to the opening ceremonies.

Here are a few sites that you may find helpful in supporting your class. 

Olympic Torch Relay 2010 is an inspirational video of the start of the flame in Greece to its run around the world: 

Check out the MEDAL Counts (track the history of the games medal counts):

Creating the Vancouver Olympic Medals?  Read this article by GlobalTV on the connection between First Nations and the Olympics.

Deconstructing the Games is a collection of sixteen infographics by the Vancouver Sun on each of the Winter Olympics events in Vancouver. “Each page will provide a graphic illustration, athletes to watch, trivia, information about the venue and the schedule.”   These posters are in pdf and can be downloaded.


Olympic official site offers information organized by the sport.  Click on the links to add to your knowledge.

Become a virtual sportscaster:  This site offers the opportunity to create, to mashup, to bring out that ‘inner broadcaster’ from within and show the world.  Consider the digital literacy skills you’ll be developing: 


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