Casting Your Voice – Podcasting

How do you provide an avenue for voices to be heard?  Or how do you create the environment for digital literacy to flourish? One such opportunity may be found in audiocasting (or podcasting).  I’ve written about this before but this is really taking the ‘ole time radio broadcasts’ and placing them in the hands of wider audiences. Podcasting comes in many forms: digital story or play, informational (‘public service announcements’- PSAs), commercial or radio broadcast, booktalk, review learning, interviews, school news…

All that is needed is the content (what are you trying to say or share with the world), a handy audio recording program like Audacity or even Photostory, a computer and a place to store or host the podcasts. 


To give you a flavour of possibilities, here are some examples of podcasts that students and teachers have done:  (*more can be found listed in my delicious account)

INSTRUCTIONS and HOW TO’S (processes and software): 

(*Note: before downloading, check to see if Photostory3, Audacity, video mp3 extractor is already on your base image)


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