Blog/Wiki Group – Extending the Conversation

A great group of folks met on Thurs. January 7th at Schou for a learning journey on extending experiences and conversation with students through using blogs and wikis.

I will post up all additional learning sequences for classroom use as well as other resources that you may find helpful.  You can find them all by clicking on the Category – Blogs/Wikis or Literacy – Writing. Check back often.

Here’s a video that classes and teachers may wish to use to explain what happens to information that is placed up on the web.  Comes from Common Craft and is a great 2 minute clip in easy to understand language.  Click here.

Quick Tips:

Adding images or documents or pdf – Use the Upload/Insert button above.  Once you’ve uploaded it once, it gets placed in your Media Library and you always have access to use it. (You don’t have to upload it again and you save on your space.)   **For your documents (schedules, trip notices…) it is a good idea to convert documents to pdf (eg. Cutepdf) before uploading.  

Custom Headers:  Add splash interest to your site by customizing your header – personalize it to reflect your subject area and change it ever so often.  Go to your dashboard > Appearance > Custom Header.  Follow the steps to crop the image so it will fit. 

Adding Authors to your site:  If you’re at this stage, please email me to get some options on this.

DLRC Resources for Lit Kits: See in portal – DLRC > Resource lists


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