What's NEW on the frontier…

As we’re hip deep in report cards, here’s some ideas to take your mind off all that writing. 

This site from the creators of Wikipedia brings 11 000 videos from all over (Youtube, Google videos, National Geograhic, Schooltube, Internet Archive…) in an organized format.  Meant for early primary to secondary, this resource is a one-stop-shop for science, social studies, humanities, human interest, literacy and other related topics.  The history option allows you to find videos previously loaded.


Do fun stuff with your photos – create a magazine cover, a movie poster, or a photo booth, a pop up poster.  These are only a few ideas to create a splashy entry to your powerpoint presentations or your movies.  The free site is easy to use.


For SCIENCE PEOPLE – This 2.5D fluids-based demonstration program acts as a physics-based paint program. Users insert objects and see them interact under the laws of physics (has an advanced fluid simulation, gases, rigid objects or even elastic properties). With the escape-codes, users can mix the properties of elements together. You can also add pictures to the simulation! Great for use with SmartBoard.  Click on video icon to see an introduction. 



SCIENCE – HUMAN SKELETAL SYSTEM – A fun way to remember all those bones.  This interactive site gives practice in naming the bones of the skeleton. A great addition to your grade 5 science unit on skeletal systems.


Copy-right Friendly and Copy-left Images and Sound is a site that houses images, sound files, for use in media projects, webpages, blogs and wikis.  A great wiki site that does the work for you!  Just scan the library for images or sound effects that you need to jazz up your presentations.


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