Thoughts towards "we"

peacesummitOver the past few days, the energy of the Peace Summit was felt by all who attended and even those who couldn’t attend the various sessions. The keynote was provided by the Dalai Lama, who called for using our intellect and our hearts as we live in this fast-paced technology world.  He spoke of compassion as a driving force in connecting for peace. 

Present at the event were also  Sir Ken Robinson (who facilitated a summarizing morning session),  Jane Goodall, Marc Kielburger, Matthieu Ricard (French Buddhist monk), Rev Mpo Tutu  (daughter of Desmond Tutu), Eckhart Tolle (author) and Maria Shriver (journalist) and Sarah MacLaughlan.  

Some of our students, both elementary and secondary were able to attend the Tuesday event ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 30 18.08which was a part of the “We Day” celebrations with Marc Kielburger of Free the Children. Our students were challenged to “take action” and change the world. From the sounds of the audience, they were ready to take up the challenge. 

The Summit featured four webcast dialogues: World Peace through Personal Peace, Connecting for Peace, Educating the Heart, and Women and Peace-building. You can watch the 4 clips streamed by CTV – CLICK HERE.


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