Here Comes Everyone – what's all the hype about social media?


There’s a term being thrown out in the winds that seems to be everywhere and yet in some areas, nowhere.  And that is “social media…  or web2.0…”   For those of you who hear who’s on Ning and Twitter or Facebook, MySpace, Digg. And who has been tweeted or pinged or tagged or texted, you start to think these people are from a different planet.

Simply put, social media or web2.0 is a social phenomena of herecomeseveryonecommunication. We’ve always had it as human beings are social creatures. We like connecting with family, friends, acquaintances.  Even the spontaneous chat over the fence while we garden is a social connection.  Now we have a variety of tools that facilitate our conversations whether they are within the city or across the oceans.  Clay Shirky wrote about this environment in his book, Here Comes Everyone!  The power of organizing without organizations.

Watch this video that reveals the simplicity of this new environment we find ourselves.  Click here.


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