Readability on the web – can they read the stuff??

Ever send students off on an internet search and they end up with texts that are all beyond their reading level?  This not only leads to frustration and overload but also adds to the desire to simply copy the text.  Before providing websites for students, assess them for readability levels with simple online tools (yes – free).   Juicy Studio provides readability stats using Flesch Kincaid (same as MSWord) for websites.  Just enter the URL (web address) and you get the reading grade level along with explanations of how to interpret results.  OKAPI is a tool that allows you to copy/paste sections of text to give you a readability score using Spache.  Microsoft Word has a function of showing readability of written material. To turn it on, check the Tools, Options > Spelling & Grammar..   Added Bytes has one that provides scores from a variety of sources so you have a comparison.

Even better, why not show the students these tools and have them actively assess  sites for themselves.


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