Making visual connections and creative categorizations

ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 16 18.24

So what happens when you have all those great ideas but no way to organize them that shows your creative thinking process.  For those of you who’ve worked with or seen the power of Kidspiration and Inspiration (and InspireData) you no doubt have wished that students can access the same power of these programs at home.  Webspiration (from the same people who brought us Inspiration) is the perfect answer!  I wrote about this last year as a great tool to create concept maps, mind maps, idea webs and other powerful visual thinking processes and it’s all done in the web world.  This application has almost the same tools, like coloured icons, RapidFire brainstorm option, an outline view (for writing frames) and a written portion – all in one program.  And just like Inspiration, it supports hyperlinking.  Imagine using this as your visual display for presentations (instead of PowerPoint).  Basic features allow for exporting to a Word document and emailed or hosted on a website.  You can also create group space for groups to coordinate their activities online. New to the program is the ability to create templates – yeah! 

The site does require registration but is free.   Look at this beginning one on webbing.  What a great way to support how the brain learns naturally.

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 16 18.44


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