Fall is in the air… new beginnings

Welcome back to another exciting year. Hope you all enjoyed your summer and that you were able to gain moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

calendar_flip  Staff Development calendar can now be found in the district portal (see Services > Human Resources) and is filled with exciting opportunities to learn and grow.

For details on professional learning in technologies, this  blog site will be used to update you on new tools and strategies that come across my journey. As well, I have a zone newsletter that comes out on a regular basis that is chock full of ideas that connect and integrate a wide range of processes across the curricula. If you would like to have your own personal copy sent directly to you, please email me.  (click for Archived Zone Newsletters.) (click for old QuickPlace site.)

deliciousicon  Delicious Social Bookmarking. Looking for an organized list of websites or tools that have been tested to  work in the classroom. If you haven’t visited my delicious bookmarks lately, there are now over 500 sites tagged in a variety of ways. (Tagging uses the concept of folksonomy to organize bookmarks around collaborative ideas or topics, allowing participants multiple ways to gain access.)  This is constantly being updated after they have been verified to be great sites. Use the handy RSS feature to keep you informed of additions. You can create your own bookmark site and get access to them anywhere you are. You’ll also get access to a host of other delicious accounts that you can incorporate into yours.  Imagine harnessing the power of the web to the work of searching great sites for you.  Don’t rely on just using your Favorites tied to a single computer. Email me if you would like some help in setting this up.

brain_exercise New Fast ForWord site is up and running (merging the old and new). It houses an expanded area for learning from each other in a blog-style format, as well as detailed information on the exercises and interventions. Anyone can leave ideas, thoughts and questions just by typing in the ‘comment box’. The RSS feature allows for automatic updates sent directly to you. If you have Fast ForWord in your school or just want to gain a better understanding of the program, this is the place to go. Our Regional Conference in October is fast approaching and we’re almost filled to capacity. If you haven’t registered yet, click here for flyer and agenda.


   Comic Life  is now on the new elementary image.  For those of you who I worked with last year on this program, you know the power of this handy tool to open doors to reading and writing – especially those boys!  Imagine merging this with graphic novels, literacy response journals, writers workshop process, science inquiry or social responsibility.  Many of those developed lessons will be uploaded here.  We also have a workshop series (in the staff development calendar 2009/2010) tailored just for you.  In the meantime, I will be blogging about some beginning integration ideas here – click here for first one.    Just as a little inside scoop, our Literacy helping teachers will also be incorporating this little application.


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